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Crooked River Saints

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Crooked River Saints
Breeder of Saint Bernard & Newfoundland 

Bringing Your New Puppy Home

For the drive home: A travel crate for the ride home Old towels or blankets to place in his crate to keep him warm and help him feel more comfortable.  If you'd like us to rub one or two on his littermate, let us know.  The smell often makes him adjust to the crate easier. 

Water dish in case he/she needs a drink during the ride home. However, we don't recommend this unless the drive is more than about two hours.  Also, unless the drive home is more than four or five hours, please don't feed him until you get home as he/she may get car sick and/or have to go "potty". 

Cleaning Supplies: You may want to bring along some paper towels and even some wet wipes in case of an "accident" on the way home. They do happen from time to time. 

Toys & Chews: A couple of toys or a Pork Puff or a Pork Hide for the drive home may help keep him calm and cry less---sometimes not. 

Collar & Leash in case you do need to give him a potty break.  Puppies sometimes will run, and running out onto a road wouldn't be good. 

Empty Water Jug: You may wish to bring one or two gallon jugs with that we can fill up for you so you can mix it with your own water at home and make this change gradual as well.  We have well water here that does not contain any chemicals whatsoever.  A sudden change of water can make people sick, and can really cause problems with a little puppy.
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