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Crooked River Saints
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Hi Amanda, 
We hope all is well with you.  Wanted to send you an updated photo of Jacoby!  He is currently 70 lbs & doing just great!!  Our veterinary office is madly in love with him as is our dog walkers & eveyone else he comes in contact with.  He has such a magnificent personality...gets along with everyone and everything...and really has a great combination of both his mom and dad's personalities.  Santa was extremely good to him!! Wishing you an abundance of good health and good fortune in the New Year! 
Brian, Michael, & Jacoby!

Hi Amanda, 
We thought you might like to see how Mr. Salem is doing now that he's grown a bit.  I'm guessing but I'd say he's 105 lbs. or so, we'll find out exactly in a couple of weeks as he's going in to be neutered and they'll weigh him at that time.  He completed his puppy class before Christmas and starts the basic obedience training the second week of March.  We've never seen a dog who loves the snow like this guy, we have to make him come in the house otherwise I think he'd stay out there in the snow, sleet and hail.  Thanks again for such a great pup, he's the best!!  Hope all is well and congrats on the Dale Earnhardt puppy - that was amazing ! 
Jason, Jean, and Hunter

Hi Amanda,          
I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Bolt. He went for his second visit to the vet last week and was up 56 pounds, having gained almost 20 pounds in 3 weeks. He is a happy and very loved puppy and we are so happy to have him. If you decide to Breed danes again please keep us in mind as we would love to have a playmate for Bolt and we can't get over how loving and gentle he is. He is in puppy school and learning quickly and doing very well. Everyone cant get over how laid back and loving he is and everyone looks forward to seeing him each week at the class. Thank you again for such a wonderful puppy and for everything you did for us, its much appreciated.

I wanted to thank you again for breeding such beautiful dogs. Our girlflower is almost a year old and is 110lbs.  Best,PhilipHi there!Been meaning to send you pictures and updates on our girl Rosie. She is the best puppy we have ever had. She is so sweet and laid back. She loves our Other newfie mix, Ellie Mae. She is smart. House trained quickly. She is 40 pounds now. She is beautiful! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!
Lisa and family

Hi Amanda, 
Just wanted to let you know that Jacoby has adjusted quite nicely to his new surroundings and is already running like a trooper with his new siblings!!  He is growing fast, understands the outside routine for going to the bathroom, and a phenomenal leash walker. Thanks again for bringing such beautiful pups into the world!! 
Very best regards, 
Brian & Michael...and of course Jacoby 

We wanted to share with you Pippy & Topper's graduation pictures from their  first training class on Thursday last week!  They play with each other daily and we attend puppy play groups & have lots of friends with pets that they look forward to seeing regularly.  We really love our babies and are enjoying watching them grow and develop into smart (sometimes stubborn) loving, familymembers of ours.   :)We have also recommended your business to others, so hope that you benefit from that as well.  Thank you for everything and we will send more photos as they progress!
Dena & Sara

Hello Amanda,
This is Michelle,  I just wanted to let you know that we brought Phineas in to get fixed two weeks and he clocked in at 70lbs (at four and half months old!)!!!!! How big is is father??? He is SUCH a good dog!! He loves his kids, I swear he thinks he is one of them haha! We all just wanted to thank you again :)
Michelle and family :)

Hey Amanda.
You may remember I’m the guy from PEI Canada who bought from Tauri and Justice litter last year. Just wanted to give you a little update to let you know he’s doing great. He’s brought a lot of happiness and laughter to the house since January. He’s the biggest clown I’ve ever seen. He’s a bit over a year now and weighing 140lbs and he’s a happy healthy big baby J Hope all is well with you and thanks again for raising such a great puppy.
Merry Christmas,
Scott and Courtney 

Hi Amanda,
I just saw the video!! They are soooooo cute! I can't get over how big they get in such a short period of time!! We are slightly obsessed and watch the video about every 5 minutes! You are doing a great job! Thank you so much again!!
Nick and Lindsey

Hey Amanda.
Gus is AMAZING! Courtney’s taking him everywhere – haha. He loves travelling and snuggling and he’s really smart – he hasn’t had any accidents inside at all! He is so cute – everybody loves him!I’ve attached some pics. I’ll keep in touch as he goes along and will keep you updated. Thanks for checking in. Great to meet you and really appreciate the obvious time and love you gave this puppy! 

Benny has been the most WONDERFUL addition to our family.  we will be forever grateful to you for giving us such a beautiful, well-tempered puppy. I remember so vividly driving home that first Benny cried, then threw up in the car! He was so tiny then. He's about 18-20 lbs fully grown now. My children and husband absolutely adore him, as do I. It's amazing how much an animal can change your life....something you've known for some time.again, please forgive me for taking so long. I wish you well. and again THANK YOU for Benny!!!!!

I wanted to let you know how  I have recommended you to so many people,because i know how much you loved the puppies! Moxie "Moon" is doing so well,and growing up a beautiful BIG girl! From the day we brought her home,she has been an exceptionally well behaved pup.She knew just what to do with potty time,and only had 2 accidents (one in a thunderstorm LOL).She learned tricks and commands very fast and loves to play with other dogs! I hope to get another pup from you someday,and love to see all the pics on the website!She is almost 10 months, 32" to her back so far and guessing well over 100 lbs.!She is built like her dad i think!Thanks again for such a wonderful pup! 
Mary-anne and Micah 

Chase is doing very well ~ He is a beautiful dog (lots of compliments), I previously thought of buying a full reg from you and breeding him but I'm thinking he would make a happier pet if fixed. I want to send you pictures but I have been so busy.. Sorry about that. Maybe we could bring him out there someday? He is big!  (tall and lean) Great job with the breeding!!...around 135lbs I'm guessing. I took him to obedience classes for the basics...Got to run,Be well,

​Surprise surprise! is there any joy greater than JOEY ?  Only grand kids  8, 8 & 10 yrs old that live in CT.Joey is a handsome 26 lbs puppy, very social, well mannered and always into mischief. He is my dishwasher"jumps right in and licks dishes" chews shoelaces especially if on your feet and is a born paper shredder. He loves to walk the beach, play in snow and go for walks.At night  he cuddles up to me, gets his own brush to get brushed. He does well at the groomers & enjoys doggie day care a couple of days a month.I wonder how life was before times when he misbehaves , my husband reminds me LOL....Joey loves to ride  &  go on trips .He was so easy to train..thanks to you and his siblings. We did not do the paper because he shredded them and we are retired so always around to put him out. We are looking forward to spring...last fall he bit off every bloom..since then we found "Bitter Yuck" so we feel safe.You did a great job,and we could not expect more from a pup that was born on Friday the thirteenth. 
Love Sandi 
PS: It was so great to hear from you...cause believe it or not, never a day goes by that we don't think and pray that you were doing OK but we were afraid to ask.If you feel like it, let us know and if not HERE'S A TESTIMONIAL to someone who gives her all in making people like us happy and gave a 110 % to accommodate us. Take care   

​We just wanted to write and tell you how very happy we are to have Bella! From the day she came home, it was obvious that we had found a quality companion. Bella blended in with our two 4½-year old Chocolate Labs without a whimper. She was already so well socialized that she was completely at ease with Bailey and Blue; furthermore, she made human friends effortlessly. Bella continues to thrive and captures our hearts anew every day. She passed the 100-pound mark last week, yet she is so graceful (well - regal would be a better word!) and trim that she doesn't impress one as being a big dog. I have rarely seen such an affectionate dog - Bella loves to snuggle and gives wonderful kisses. Thank you so much for the terrific job you do with your dogs! The extra work you do with your pups shows, and it is very much appreciated!
Jim & Shirley Lay 

Well, Prince AKA "Micky" weighed in at 71.2lbs today. Little clumsy but he is learning how to use them long legs of his. He is such a good dog! Thought Id let you know that Prince is doing great! He is such a good puppy! He made friends with this black lab springer spaniel mix that lives right next door. They play so hard at times but its great exercise. Prince is a month younger but much heavier. You have been outstanding in the communication dept. Thats very important these day when 99% of the time you get voice mail or a recording and no return phone calls or Emails. Just to let you know that I have been very happy with Prince and the transaction. I will send along a couple pictures soon.... Take care!
Tony A. 

Rowdy's doing well, getting huge!  He runs the house!  ha ha ha as any St. would but not spoiled.  He's a good boy.We have a little trouble with watching Nascar races especially when Rowdy aka Kyle Busch is winning.  ha ha  He keeps hearing his name and comes to us as to say WHAT do you want. ha ha ha.thanks again for selling him to us we LOVE him,  & we'll be sending pics soon.
Bob & Cheryl Jodoin 

​Maria is great! So much charisma, elegance and personality.. She is growing into quite the young lady, very healthy, and has gotten significantly larger as I'm sure you're familiar with.. However, I still feel she's got a long way to go! She's completely house broken and kennel trained.. A bit hard headed at times but for the most part listens well and rarely ever gets "out of control".. I've also done a lot of socializing with her so she's great around other people and pets. I left her ears natural (didn't have the heart to crop them), all of her shots are up to date and was recently spayed.. All in all, I'm more than satisfied with her and couldn't be happier about bringing her into my life. Thanks Take care,-Ben 

I just wanted to give you an update on LuLu is doing great!  She is such a wonderful fit in my home.  She got spayed last Thursday and is doing very well.  Everything went so well because her brother Charlie was neutered on that day as well.  They both are wonderful little dogs.  LuLu is so smart and knows all of her commands and lots of tricks. Thank you so much for everything! 
Thank you, 

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